XLNTbrain Sport™ Enables Electronic Health Record Compliance


Athletes’ concussion recovery progress, concussion history and other return-to-play decision-making data now available in EHR-friendly report.

(Newswire.net — July 7, 2015) NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland — As the healthcare industry shifts to the new Electronic Health Record (EHR) expectations set, XLNTbrain Sport™ has added a function that allows medical professionals to receive an EHR-friendly report for an athlete that contains a concussion recovery progress report, concussion history and other important return-to-play data.

“I believe this function represents a new standard in concussion care,” said Harry Kerasidis MD, a neurologist and co-founder of XLNTbrain LLC which is an online and mobile concussion care platform designed for sports applications. “It’s a feature that has been requested by universities for both varsity and intramural sports, and coincides well with our initiatives marketing through health IT distributors.

The EHR-function allows medical professionals to review results from concussion baseline tests, symptoms, and other important information from subscribers, which has been rarely available. The data can then be added to the athlete’s EHR, according to Dr. Kerasidis. 

The subscription-based XLNTbrain Sport™ program is currently being used by more than 1,700 teams from youth to professional levels —  in sports with high incidence rates of concussion including football, hockey, soccer and lacrosse. The service provides subscribers all-access to a full suite of online and mobile tools that integrate education, baseline testing, sideline assessment and concussion recovery protocols.

XLNTbrain was designed by Dr. Kerasidis noticing existing concussion tools were not integrated, out of date or cumbersome to apply in the real world. Dr. Kerasidis, who has treated thousands of concussions in his 25-year career, built a program designed for clinical use, but effective enough for all levels of sports participation. XLNTbrain Sport™ includes:

  • Video education that requires taking a quiz to acknowledge understanding
  • Neuro-cognitive baseline testing that includes an emotional reactivity component
  • Balance testing included at baseline through post-injury recovery
  • Smartphone mobile sideline assessment app
  • Return-to-play recovery protocol
  • Automated reporting to designated medical personnel (EHR)

Dr. Kerasidis said XLNTbrain Sport™ incorporates many of the best-practices and standards established by several industry organizations including the guidelines set by the National Athletic Trainers Association, the American Academy of Neurology and other medical organizations. More information available at xlntbrain.com.

About XLNTbrain LLC

XLNTbrain LLC helps prevent and detect concussions and guide a safe return to normal activity and gameplay. XLNTbrain is a proud sponsor of MomsTEAM Institute and SmartTeams™. Schedule a demonstration or obtain more information by calling (855) 333-9568, or emailing [email protected]

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