Concussion Tech Firms to Disrupt Industry Norms With Every Hit

GForceTracker™ Inc. and XLNTbrain introduce new paradigm in wearable technology at the American Football Coaches Association show, January 8-11 in Nashville.

Sports Medicine( — January 6, 2017) — Two trailblazing concussion technology firms, XLNTbrain Sport™ and GForceTracker™ Inc., have collaborated to introduce the industry’s first concussion management platform that monitors every head impact while identifying concussion-related symptoms, and changes to cognitive performance or balance.

“We’ve combined our technologies allowing for two-way information flow between helmet sensor data and concussion detection analysis,” said double-board certified neurologist Harry Kerasidis, M.D., founder of XLNTbrain Sport™, a concussion management platform that meets or exceeds published standards of care by numerous medical and sports medicine associations. “Data from the GFT head impact sensors provides surveillance for concern about potential injury through forces applied to the head. XLNTbrain receives this data, and provides a tailor-fit analysis to determine when these hits are developing changes in symptoms, cognitive performance or balance. This gives the industry the first completely integrated approach to concussion assessment.”

The firms will introduce the new platform at the American Football Coaches Association annual convention on January 8-11 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee in booth No. 232-234.

The individual data is provided through wearable impact sensors, developed by GForceTracker. The domino-sized sensors are mounted in helmets and or within the chin guards, to track the number of impacts, as well as the velocity of forces sustained.

According to Dr. Kerasidis, there are several devices on the market that give some objective measures of things like accuracy and reaction time, but these measures don’t give much information as to what the athlete is actually experiencing, or provide much help to the medical personnel.

Using the GFT head impact sensors along with the XLNTbrain sideline assessment tool provides objective cognitive performance and balance testing, but also ratings of observed and athlete reported symptoms which gives a healthcare provider much greater sense of what is going on with the athlete on the sideline,” said Dr. Kerasidis.

Attendees at AFCA may receive a simulation of the system at the GForceTracker booth.

According to GForceTracker this new concussion management software will be available immediately through its annual subscription service to both present and future users of the GFT Athlete Monitoring System. 

Additional information is available about this new product line at or, or by calling (855) 333-9568. Email us at [email protected] or register for a free information session.

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