Mid aged medical doctor reviewing x ray of african patient
Are We Taking Concussions Too Seriously?
Here’s why concussions deserve our attention. (more…)
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African-american male patient having neck pain examined by chiro
Physical Therapists Play Growing Role in Sports Concussion Management
More athletes turn to their physical therapists for guidance, treatment and the all-important clearance...
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Clinic provides hope for athletes with brain injuries: 'This is going to be huge'
Our own CEO, Dr. Harry Kerasidis, was part of this story originally published in USA Today on October...
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Blue american football helmet
Debunking 10 Common Concussion Myths
Fall brings football and pre-season. Know the facts and fiction on concussions. (more…)
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Mid aged doctor checking football player's eyes with flashlight
What’s Next in Sports Concussion Management?
Survey Says — Research For Treatments (more…)
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Athletic Trainers Lead the Concussion Battle, Says Neurologist Harry Kerasidis, MD
Paying respect to the “unsung heroes” of sports and their “mission critical”...
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Fallen asleep
Rest or No Rest After a Concussion?
“Relative rest” is key to concussion recovery, contrary to what many believe. (more…)
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Concussion Protocol-Blog Image
The Best Advice For Handling Concussions
Top tips from athletic trainers dealing with concussions daily (more…)
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Rugby player taking a break
Concussion as a “Brain Sprain”
Neurologist Harry Kerasidis, MD defines concussion, and the range of symptoms associated with the brain...
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Laid Out On The Hit
10 Concussion Safety Tips for Fall-Winter Student-Athletes
What do you need to know? Honoring National Childhood Injury Prevention Week (more…)
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pole vault girl
Get to Know Vertigo: The Most Common Sign of Concussion
Neurologist Harry Kerasidis, M.D. Lectures “The Eyes and Ears of Concussion” at the Mid-Atlantic Athletic...
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Portrait of medical doctor looking at tablet computer with colle
Fyzical® Vegas to Pilot Sports Concussion Service For Amateur, Professional Athletes
Fyzical® Therapy & Balance Centers and Elite Brain Performance in Las Vegas partner to test a new...
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NCAA Proposal Puts Concussion Decisions In Right Hands, Says Neurologist Dr. Harry Kerasidis
Building on the NCAA Division I precedent, the new proposal for Division II sports would empower Athletic...
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Sports Medicine
Concussion Tech Firms to Disrupt Industry Norms With Every Hit
GForceTracker™ Inc. and XLNTbrain introduce new paradigm in wearable technology at the American Football...
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XLNTbrain Shifts Vision and Names Dr. Harry Kerasidis New CEO
The Maryland neurologist who invented XLNTbrain Sport™, an emerging online- and mobile-based concussion...
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3d Translate Spanish and English on computer keyboard
XLNTbrain Sport Translates Concussion Protocol into Spanish
The online- and mobile-based concussion protocol provides new translation for the pre-season “neuro-cognitive”...
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Student David Ims Awarded for Tracing Concussion Impact with Brain Waves
Towson University graduate student teams up with neurologist Harry Kerasidis, MD to identify how traumatic...
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XLNTbrain works.
Boy fell from the bike in a park
New Laws and Advances in Concussion Care Force "Everyone" to Get Involved
Dr. Harry Kerasidis, who oversees concussion care for thousands of student-athletes, gives 10 “Need-to-Know”...
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Harry Kerasidis MD Presents “Brain Mapping” Concussions at IOP World Congress
Using sLORETA and XLNTbrain Sport™ concussion system, researchers can now see how mild traumatic brain...
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