Does Your Sports Team Comply? 3 Tips to Know, What to Do


This may surprise to you — because it’s not well-publicized — but your state governs how you handle sports concussions. Every state in America has legislated various concussion-related protocols, concussion tests and procedures for various sports and levels, largely inspired by Washington State’s groundbreaking Zackery Lystedt Law.

This begs the question: Does your sports team comply? If we’re all honest, the answer is more than likely no. Even my colleagues and athletic trainers may want to double check, because the concussion laws are being revisited constantly, and I believe stricter laws and enforcement are coming.

And, that’s good!

Here’s how to know if you comply, and what to do:

Know your state laws. There’s a good overview here from Momsteam Institute, as well as this one from USA Football. I’ve also covered the topic more extensively in my book, “Concussion-ology.”

Know the risks. Knowing the law is not enough. Yet, there are a two major challenges with complying:

  • First, cutting through the mass of misinformation about the latest science in concussion education, advanced concussion tests and recovery protocols. We are well beyond the days of sitting the suspected injured athlete down for a play to “shake it off.”
  • Secondly, the market is filled with pieces of the entire concussion-care puzzle, forcing parents, coaches, athletic trainers etc, to “build-their-own” protocols.

Take action. Let me suggest experiencing a demonstration of XLNTbrain Sport™, which I invented based on my 25 years in neurology, and is now being used by more than 30,000 athletes from all levels of play. Athletic trainers, clinicians and sports medicine professionals (and parents, athletes and coaches) are going to love this

Here’s why — I’ve incorporated all of the following into one platform, which is accessible online and via mobile device. And, that’s just the start.

  • Video education that exceeds compliance requirements for every state. I personally give the overview based on the latest concussion science. A short quiz is required after watching the video. This enables monitoring and reporting of everyone’s scores.
  • Pre-season online concussion baseline test. I’ve added emotional and balance measures along with an advanced neuro-cognitive test which helps provide a baseline score to compare with later should an suspected concussion occur.
  • Mobile sideline assessment and reporting. From a smartphone, you can administer a simple set of protocols and a balance test to help assess the risk of injury. The system automatically reports the scores to parents, medical professionals or whomever you choose. HIPPA compliant and EHR-friendly, our system helps standardize reporting for administrative requirements.
  • Recovery protocol tracking for medical clearance. Using XLNTbrain gives data for medical professional to analyze so they can give the required clearance to return-to-play or even return-to-learn activities.

This high tech, low cost solution by may help reduce insurance costs while allowing the student-athletes to enjoy the game, and a bright future.

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