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“…A full, all inclusive approach to the management of sports related concussions. This book will provide experts as well as budding “concussionologists” with a wealth of material.” – Dr. Alan Ashare, Team USA Hockey, Board of Directors


Concussionology is a comprehensive overview of everything every parent, athlete, coach, athletic trainer — even medical personnel — needs to know about concussions, and how to implement a clinical-caliber concussion protocol on every sports level. Get the E-book & softcover here, and on Amazon & Barnes & Noble

Get answers to:

  • What do we really know about concussions?
  • How serious are concussions?
  • How do you know if you have one?
  • When can athletes “return-to-play” or “return-to-learn” safely?
  • What should every sports team in America do?

In Concussionology, author Dr. Harry Kerasidis:

  • Outlines his own clinical-caliber concussion protocol
  • Gives requirements for concussion baseline, balance and other concussion tests
  • Provides neurological basics about the brain, injury and behavior
  • Offers practical steps to handling concussions
    … and much more — Download Tips for Return to Play Decisions, Repercussion Facts and FAQs from the book FREE here

What They Are Saying…

“Dr. Kerasidis is … forward-thinking … intellectually brilliant. This book is a reflection of that genius: straightforward, smart and leading-edge.”

“Dr. Kerasidis explains the brain in user-friendly terms, including how it functions normally and how it responds in concussion. This book is a clear call to action for players, parents, coaches, and loved

“Dr. Kerasidis expertise in concussions and concussion management has taught me what I need to know and helped me become a better athletic trainer…and implement a first class concussion management

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About the Author
Harry Kerasidis, M.D. is a neurologist specializing in sports concussion detection and prevention. After 25 years treating thousands of concussions, Dr. Kerasidis created, an online and mobile platform to provide everything necessary to help prevent, detect and protect athletes from concussions. Dr. Kerasidis also founded Chesapeake Neurology Associates, serves as Medical Director at Calvert Memorial Hospital for the Center for Neuroscience, the hospital’s Sleep Disorders Center and Stroke Center.

Proudly Presents
Redefining Sports Concussion Management For All Levels
By Harry Kerasidis, MD
E-book & softcover available here & Amazon, Barnes & Noble

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