Beyond Baseline Concussion Tests

The First Complete Online Concussion Test and Management Program for All Sports and Levels


Convenient online education and concussion baseline testing to ensure concussion awareness and compliance with state laws.


Clinical-caliber sideline concussion assessment tools for concussion evaluation and effortless documentation.


A proven system to guide and track athletes’ progress toward a safe post-concussion return-to-play.


Compliance and applying a complete concussion management program involves a team effort.

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Concussion diagnosis begins with education. Through XLNTbrain, athletes, parents, and coaches receive thorough training, articles and blogs about sports concussions and the latest news reports about the emerging concussion programs and protocols. After the athlete completes
concussion education program, our interactive pre-season concussion baseline test can be taken online from any internet connected computer.




The XLNTbrain Sideline Assessment Tool and XLNTbrain Balance Test delivers the convenience of documenting possible concussions on the field within moments of the injury with its mobile app. XLNTbrain then automatically documents the concussion scores and emails the results to all-involved parties, including parents, coaches and team training staff, and medical professionals.


XLNTbrain really goes beyond concussion baseline testing with its Recovery Process, guiding the athlete to return to play safely. Based on our Dr. Harry Kerasidis’s clinical approach, the XLNTbrain-tracker monitors an athlete’s symptoms, guiding the athlete through a 5-step progressive exertion recovery plan and timeline. The gradual, and subsequent cognitive testing and daily symptom checklists help athletes, parents, coaches, and medical professionals avoid the dangers associated with concussions and return to play too early.




XLNTbrain goes beyond state-wide compliance with its education and concussion testing. Since many of the states laws vary, we’ve standardized our online training to require the video viewer to pass a brief quiz, demonstrating and documenting their understanding of the seriousness of concussions. We deliver the concussion training online, making it convenient and effective.

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