Debunking Concussion Myths: Tips for Unconscious Player

DebunkingConcussions-BlogIn “Concussion-ology,” author Harry Kerasidis, MD debunks common myths about handling concussions. Here’s one of the most common:

MYTH: Move unconscious player off the field of play immediately.

Wrong. Never move an unconscious individual until a neck or spinal cord injury can be ruled out.

Also, do the ABCs, check airway, breathing and cardiovascular pulse before deciding to if/when/how to move the concussed individual.

Should the player stay unconscious for more than 30 seconds, call 9-1-1 immediately.

When the player becomes conscious, and spinal cord injury is ruled out, carefully assist the athlete to their feet, and walk them off the field of play. Begin sideline assessment protocol. I recommend XLNTbrain Mobile App using your smartphone, which includes an excellent balance test that cannot be “cheated.”

Concussion symptoms often take several minutes, hours to materialize. So, when in doubt, sit them out.

What do you do when you suspect a concussion?

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