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Concussion Care Delivers Ideal Patient Recruitment Tool

Timing is Perfect For Clinics to Begin Serving Thousands of Athletes; Here’s How
By Harry Kerasidis, MD


Concussion injuries are finally getting their day in the spotlight. From a clinical perspective, it provides an ideal patient recruitment opportunity by expanding the student-athlete markets. I’ve sensed this “perfect marketing storm” coming for awhile; between every state now governing concussion care, the “Concussion” movie, the ever-present injuries taking place weekly and the ongoing related legal battles, we will be hearing about concussions for a long time.

And, that’s good. I believe there’s a way to have a steady stream of athletes walking through your door for concussion testing, and be exposed to your services.

My experience treating concussions led me to create my own suite of online concussion tests and recovery protocols to assist medical professionals with providing medical clearance for athletes return-to-play or return-to-learn. This established a model that other clinics can follow.

Whether you’re an MD in general practice, a neurologist, urgent care provider, sports medicine therapist, athletic trainer or an entrepreneur who knows a good opportunity when you see one, consider this: 3 Ways Clinics Can Help Solve the Concussion Crisis — and for all the right reasons!

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  1. Plan to Host Concussion Education Briefings: Target parents of athletes in your area
    • Inform state concussion protocols. There’s a good overview here from Momsteam Institute, as well as this one from USA Football. I’ve also covered the topic more extensively in my book, “Concussion-ology.”
    • Cover common concussion symptoms, emergency actions.
    • Introduce your new concussion-related services. See below.
  1. Invite New and Existing Patients. Start with existing patients, but then invite every coach, athletic director from the schools in your area to learn more. Consider alerting the local media to let others know. At the end of the presentation, give an brief overview of of your services, which include No. 3.
  1. Add XLNTbrain Sport Concussion Software. Let me suggest experiencing a demonstration of XLNTbrain Sport™, which I invented based on my 25 years in neurology, and is now being used by more than 30,000 athletes from all levels of play.

Here’s why — I’ve incorporated all tools, tests, and protocols into one centralized platform. Adding XLNTbrain gives your clinic a new revenue source, because accessing all the items below is available for a low annual fee, which the clinic can re-market.

The following is accessible online and via mobile device:

  • Video education that exceeds compliance requirements for every state. I personally give the overview based on the latest concussion science. A short quiz is required after watching the video. This enables monitoring and reporting of everyone’s scores.
  • Pre-season online concussion baseline test. I’ve added emotional and balance measures along with an advanced neuro-cognitive test which helps provide a baseline score to compare with later should an suspected concussion occur.
  • Mobile sideline assessment and reporting. From a smartphone, you can administer a simple set of protocols and a balance test to help assess the risk of injury. The system automatically reports the scores to parents, medical professionals or whomever you choose. HIPAA compliant and EHR-friendly, our system helps standardize reporting for administrative requirements.
  • Recovery protocol tracking for medical clearance. Using XLNTbrain gives data for medical professional to analyze so they can give the required clearance to return-to-play or even return-to-learn activities.

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* Note: Concussion protocols outlined are based on best practices and published guidelines by the American Sports College of Medicine, American Academy of Neurology and several more.

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