12 Jan

Tony Mandarich Puts XLNTbrain Into National Audio Spotlight

As Clemson and Alabama counted down to play the CFP National Championship game Monday, January 11 in Glendale, Arizona, former All-American offensive lineman Tony Mandarich gave audio listeners nationwide an earful about how XLNTbrain Sport™ can help save football from concussions. For nearly three hours, several local and national radio shows interviewed Mandarich, discussing his

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05 Jan

Understanding Concussion Repercussions: Brain Drama

By Harry Kerasidis, MD — Excerpt from Concussion-ology, chapter 8 “Brain Drama.” Dr. Kerasidis outlines the critical consequences of the most dangerous question in sports, whether to allow an athlete to “play or sit” after sustaining a possible concussion. From the moment an athlete sustains a hit that bumps the brain against the inner table of

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31 Dec

XLNTbrain Signs NFL Star, MSU Alum, Tony Mandarich to Be Spokesperson

Newswire.net — December 31, 2015 National Harbor, MD — XLNTbrain has secured former NFL offensive lineman Tony Mandarich to speak on behalf of the sports concussion management system during the College Football Playoff National Championship Game on Monday, January 11, 2016 during a media interview tour leading up to the kickoff. A 1988 All-American for the

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28 Dec

Does Your Sports Team Comply? 3 Tips to Know, What to Do

This may surprise to you — because it’s not well-publicized — but your state governs how you handle sports concussions. Every state in America has legislated various concussion-related protocols, concussion tests and procedures for various sports and levels, largely inspired by Washington State’s groundbreaking Zackery Lystedt Law. This begs the question: Does your sports team

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22 Dec

Concussion and The Brain: Basic Anatomy Explains Odd Behaviors

 Excerpt from “Concussion-ology: Redefining Sports Concussion Management for All Levels” by Harry Kerasidis, MD, published by Author House, September 2015.   Considering all the questions the movie Concussion and CTE are bringing to light, here’s a section from my book that helps put the most important organ in our body — the brain — into

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08 Dec

Demystifying Sport Concussion Baseline Testing

Five common myths, and what you need to know about these tests. While the controversial movie “Concussion” draws attention, one important preseason test plays an important supporting role. Here’s the bottom line on baseline testing. By Harry Kerasidis M.D. on December 08, 2015 in Brain Trauma, as published by Psychologytoday.com. Finally concussions, and Dr. Bennet

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02 Dec

Debunking Concussion Myths: Tips for Unconscious Player

In “Concussion-ology,” author Harry Kerasidis, MD debunks common myths about handling concussions. Here’s one of the most common: MYTH: Move unconscious player off the field of play immediately. Wrong. Never move an unconscious individual until a neck or spinal cord injury can be ruled out. Also, do the ABCs, check airway, breathing and cardiovascular pulse

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30 Oct

Michigan Provides Concussion Prototype For Other States To Follow

By Harry Kerasidis, MD As sports concussions continue to grab headlines, an ominous black hole is being revealed about how to properly “manage” them at youth and high school levels. Schools are strapped economically, preventing most athletic programs from affording tools and guidance for the mounting concussion problem. However, the state of Michigan may have

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07 Jul

XLNTbrain Sport™ Enables Electronic Health Record Compliance

By David Jahr July 7, 2015 Athletes’ concussion recovery progress, concussion history and other return-to-play decision-making data now available in EHR-friendly report. (Newswire.net — July 7, 2015) NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland — As the healthcare industry shifts to the new Electronic Health Record (EHR) expectations set, XLNTbrain Sport™ has added a function that allows medical professionals to receive an

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