27 Jun

Concussion FAQs with Neurologist Harry Kerasidis, MD

Neurologist Harry Kerasidis, MD is the co-founder and inspiration behind of XLNTbrain Sport™, the comprehensive concussion management system. He authored Concussion-ology: Redefining Sports Concussion Management for All Levels which published in December. Here is a brief excerpt from the book, addressing common and frequently asked questions about concussions. What if the head injury happens during

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15 Apr

Put the “Student” First in Student-Athlete Concussion Care

 As published in PsychologyToday.com, April 14, 2016 However noble athletic pursuits provide, student-athletes are students first. Therefore, the concussion management process must honor this perspective and give student-athletes a fighting chance in the classroom or field of play. Unfortunately in most cases, after a concussion injury the main question everyone asks is, “when can they

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