Harry Kerasidis M.D.

Founder, Creative and Scientific Director

Dr. Kerasidis is a founder and the Creative and Scientific Director of XLNTbrain LLC. He has been treating concussion injury for over 20 years. A graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine, he completed his residency in Neurology and a fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology at the Georgetown University Hospital. Dr. Kerasidis’professional interests include cognitive neurology, sleep disorders, and behavioral correlates of EEG. He is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and the American Board of Sleep Medicine.

A native Washingtonian, Dr. Kerasidis was raised in Northern Virginia, and settled in Southern Maryland with his wife, Dr. Tammera Schmalz after completing their training where they raised 3 daughters, Zoe, Alexa and Tassia. He is the medical director of the Center for Neuroscience at Calvert Memorial Hospital.

Frank Damasceno

Founder, Managing Director

Mr. Frank Damasceno is Co-Founder and Managing Director of XLNTbrain LLC, responsible for general operations and external matters of XLNTbrain LLC, building partnerships and broader business relationships. Mr. Damasceno has been involved with operations, sales and marketing efforts in various national and international companies for over 20 years. In 2001, he was appointed EVP of Buono Pane Foods where he was integral to scaling the company’s supply chain and fulfillment operations.

Frank was Director of Sales and Marketing for Promaster Internet Services, a pioneering content and hosting provider which brought website design and hosting to thousands of small and medium sized businesses.

He was a corporate audit officer for the First National Bank of Boston.

Mr. Damasceno is an economist graduated from George Washington University and The Catholic University in Sao Paulo, Brazil with post-graduation in Bank auditing from Peat Marwick and Mitchell Auditors.

Claudio Lassala

Director of Technology

Claudio Lassala is an independent Software Developer who currently works mostly building Ruby on Rails applications.

Previously, he has worked for several years developing .NET applications, presented several lectures at Microsoft events such as PDC Brazil, TechEd Europe, and various other Microsoft seminars, as well as several conferences and user groups across North America, Europe and Brazil.

He is a multiple winner of the Microsoft MVP Award (2001-2012), and has articles published on several magazines, such as MSDN Brazil Magazine and CoDe Magazine.

Chad Watkins

Director of Sales

Chad is intimately familiar with the problems that concussions pose to sport in today’s society, as he was a collegiate ice hockey player at Virginia Tech and has also worked with coaches and athletes from all levels of both hockey and football. This experience has made Chad acutely aware of the change that must happen in how society views concussions and how they are treated.

He joined the XLNTBrain team seeing the XLNTBrain program as a vehicle to create such change. An attorney who focused his studies at George Mason Law on sports related legal issues, Chad also brings the legal understanding of what it will take for athletic programs to be in compliance with today’s concussion management statutes.

Chad and his wife Dana reside in Alexandria, VA with their two boys Brody and Dylan, and their dog Rio.