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XLNTbrain Sport™ Prioritizes Concussion Return-to-Learn Protocol for Student-Athletics
As NCAA schools must take greater responsibility for their concussion protocols, neurologist Harry Kerasidis,...
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Concussion FAQs with Neurologist Harry Kerasidis, MD
Neurologist Harry Kerasidis, MD is the co-founder and inspiration behind of XLNTbrain Sport™, the comprehensive...
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3 Ways Most Concussion Protocols Fail
3 Ways Most Concussion Protocols Fail  Science shows sport concussion misnomers with gender differences,...
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New Standard: Concussion Testing  with Annual Pediatric Exams
5 Basics Every Parent Should Expect By Harry Kerasidis, MD Recent changes to concussion protocols raise...
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How Do You Recognize a Concussion? Important Tips From a Neurologist
“By being watchful for the signs and symptoms. This includes disorientation, imbalance, incoordination,...
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Understanding Concussion Repercussions: Brain Drama
By Harry Kerasidis, MD — Excerpt from Concussion-ology, chapter 8 “Brain Drama.” Dr....
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Does Your Sports Team Comply? 3 Tips to Know, What to Do
This may surprise to you — because it’s not well-publicized — but your state governs how you handle sports...
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Concussion and The Brain: Basic Anatomy Explains Odd Behaviors
 Excerpt from “Concussion-ology: Redefining Sports Concussion Management for All Levels” by Harry Kerasidis,...
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Demystifying Sport Concussion Baseline Testing
Five common myths, and what you need to know about these tests. While the controversial movie “Concussion”...
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Debunking Concussion Myths: Tips for Unconscious Player
In “Concussion-ology,” author Harry Kerasidis, MD debunks common myths about handling concussions....
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Rugby Returns to the Games with New Concussion Risk, Respect
Four things to watch for in the Olympics’ rugby concussion protocol (more…)
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Tristy Wolfe, athletic trainer at CVA
Elite Winter Sports School Adds XLNTbrain Sport™ For Olympian Hopefuls
Carrabassett Valley Academy Solves Challenge of Multiple Student-Athletes in Multiple Locations with...
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Michigan HS Athletic Association Extends Concussion Protocol Pilot with XLNTbrain
First year pilot with more than 5,000 student athletes shows the online testing platform helped identify...
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Concussion Care a Hot Topic For National Athletic Trainers’ Association
Next week, Baltimore to host 67th NATA Clinical Symposia & AT Expo where the noted XLNTbrain Sport™...
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Brain Drain: Breaking Down the Concussion Injury
Explaining the neurological changes when force meets the brain. (more…)
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Spotsylvania County Public Schools Adds New Concussion Care For All HS Student-Athletes
Spotsylvania County Public Schools (SCPS) in Virginia is implementing an advanced sports concussion platform...
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Top 5 Trends in Concussion Care
Neurologist Harry Kerasidis, MD and XLNTbrain give snapshot of emerging industry, providing venture capitalists,...
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Put the “Student” First in Student-Athlete Concussion Care
 As published in PsychologyToday.com, April 14, 2016 However noble athletic pursuits provide, student-athletes...
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Sleep, Lifestyle Factors Affect Concussion Risk, Recovery
As published on PsychologyToday.com, April 4, 2016. Old school of thought once suggested to keep a person...
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Insuring Sports Concussions: Give Proper Care a Future
XLNTbrain CEO Steve Lewis says traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivors insurance needs should motivate...
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