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27 Jun

Concussion FAQs with Neurologist Harry Kerasidis, MD

Neurologist Harry Kerasidis, MD is the co-founder and inspiration behind of XLNTbrain Sport™, the comprehensive concussion management system. He authored Concussion-ology: Redefining Sports Concussion Management for All Levels which published in December. Here is a brief excerpt from the book, addressing common and frequently asked questions about concussions. What if the head injury happens during

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10 Mar

3 Ways Most Concussion Protocols Fail

3 Ways Most Concussion Protocols Fail  Science shows sport concussion misnomers with gender differences, gaming the tests, and return-to-learn protocols are now being addressed with new technology, moving past “paper and pencil days” By Harry Kerasidis, MD The latest in concussion science shows previously used — although considered “standards” for many years — concussion protocols

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09 Mar

New Standard: Concussion Testing  with Annual Pediatric Exams

5 Basics Every Parent Should Expect By Harry Kerasidis, MD Recent changes to concussion protocols raise previous standards of clinical pediatric care. Pediatricians and Family Practitioners are now in position to adopt a new standard of care, which will have positive side effects for the patient and practice vitality. As a neurologist treating concussions for

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